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SCAN: 35 Years of
Supporting Our Communities

The SCAN Van

A multi-purpose, mobile resource center to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for seniors and caregivers.

Trading Ages™

An interactive workshop that provides an understanding of the challenges associated with aging.

Classroom in the Community

Presentations that include Preventing Falls, Better Your Blood Pressure, Maintain Your Brain, and more.

Services for the Community

SCAN Health Plan has been creating programs and services for older adults and their caregivers for more than thirty years. That experience has given SCAN unique expertise in geriatric care and health interventions for older adults - expertise we share through community outreach.

Communities benefit from SCAN educational programs with initiatives that help reduce health disparities and services that improve health literacy - especially among underserved communities. Our goal is to make a difference in the communities we serve and improve the lives of all seniors. Those taking advantage of SCAN community outreach services include senior centers, schools, government and legislative offices, community agencies, physician groups, caregivers, and more.